Our Animals

A small selection of fantastic beasts.

British Giant Rabbits

We have 6 large rabbits living in their own run on site. 5 females; Oreo, Fudge, Toffee, Yorkie and Wispa and one male; Bounty. You are welcome to help feed the rabbits and go into their run, when we are present.

Pygmy Goats

2 male pygmy goats; Fluff and Gizmo, can be found in their enclosure near the entrance to the campsite, or occasionally on harnessed walks around the campsite!

Campsite Cats

Lucy, our first cat at Laurel Park has now been joined by the youngest member of the campsite family/menagerie. A spritely kitten called Shelby, who has even more cheeky character than Lucy.


An interesting mixture of rescued ex-battery hens, Copper Merans, Silkies, Polish and other exotic chickens live in their own purpose built enclosure on site. They are joined by an elderly duck called Gladys!

Miniature Donkeys

The latest addition to the campsite are Prana and Karma, our 3 and 4 year old miniature Mediterranean donkeys who joined the family in March 2019

Family Dogs

Harley is our handsome 6-year old Labrador/German Shepherd cross. He’s great with other animals and children, and loves playing fetch6. He has now been joined by Sadie, our puppy Pomeranian / Jack Russell cross.